Welcome to Thompson Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia!

The client wanted to promote Thompson Okanagan as part of their BC Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) broadcast segment. An opening and a closing was requested to wrap the segment with a stylized look.

As the Art Director of the project, I selected the scenes that best match the look and feel I would like to achieve with the client. Shots were selected to tell a brand story while corresponding to the writer’s script. TOTA wanted to focus on the beauty of the mountains, waters and the greens, as well as focusing on all the outdoor activities one can indulge in. I was responsible for live footage management, screening and reviewing a series of shots. I decided on the cuts and selected the most fitting scenes that best fit the composition and best match the voice over and audio. I also decided on the color, tone and mood of the segment. I have decided to desaturate the overall tone but highlight the green hue of each shot for a stylized look of nature and freshness. I wanted the spot to suggest the feeling of “let’s take a breather”, away from the chaotic city life we are all used to.

I also designed the logo based on the client’s branded fonts and style, adding organic free-drawn lines to balance out the frame. The simple yet organic logo solidifies the spot and ties everything in. The logo was animated on through After Effects during the opening and closing.

Overall, the segment was a great success. The client was very pleased with the results. Not only did I steer the spot to a refreshing style and look, but I also adhered to the client’s branding vision and identity.