Astral Media is one of Canada’s largest leading outdoor advertising companies. With an unparalleled outdoor network, they offer customers over 30,000 strategically placed advertising platforms in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and Nova Scotia’s key markets as well as key airports around Canada. They specialize in horizontal posters, vertical posters, super boards, murals, backlit, transit shelters, street column, signature column, digital column and more.

Working closely with Astral Media, we executed an extensive outdoor advertising campaign in large digital format that can be seen and be easily recognized all over Vancouver as super billboards. Our goal was to make a huge impact and reach a large number of viewers. Responsible for the branding identity, graphics, layout composition, photo editing, documentation and printer specifications, I ensured the key elements were prominent and visible to busy ongoing traffic and pedestrians.

One of our prominent billboard placements is the busy high traffic area at the entrance of the Burrard Bridge. Prior to starting the campaign, I performed a “site visit”. I walked on foot across the Burrard bridge and checked out the visibility of the billboard as a pedestrian. That same week I also drove by the bridge and tried to understand the visibility and viewed the billboard as a driver in a moving vehicle; getting an idea of what exactly do you absorb as a pedestrian and as a driver. The final billboard ad is the result of knowledge gathered from my “site visit”: a balance between the amount of information that a pedestrian can absorb versus the amount of information that a driver can absorb.