I had the honour to work with two of Vancouver’s top award-winning veteran broadcasters, Tamara Taggart and Mike Killeen, for primetime CTV News at Six. Tamara is the recipient of many broadcasting awards, including Best Local TV Anchors with anchor Mike Killeen, Best Local TV Weather Person and Best Local TV Personality from The Georgia Straight “Best of Vancouver” annual readers’ choice poll. She was also honoured as the “Woman of the Year” at the Consumer’s Choice Awards.

As for Mike Killeen, he has steered live coverage of some of our province’s most highlighted stories, including the BC Liberal Leadership convention and the Stanley Cup riot, where both him and Tamara anchored the award winning coverage of a terrible night that left Vancouverites both in shock and in ruins. Mike also co-anchored CTV NEWS: OLYMPIC EDITION every afternoon live from Robson Street in downtown Vancouver as thousands of people gathered to share their Olympic experience.


I was the Art Director and Lead Designer for CTV Vancouver’s Outdoor Branding Print Campaign featuring Tamara and Mike for CTV News at Six. This campaign can be seen all over downtown Vancouver. Audiences today are bombarded by messages, ads and stimulants everywhere they go. This outdoor promotional campaign aims to build branding and identity awareness, serving as reminders for audience to tune into the newscast at six for local breaking news. I art directed and led the photoshoot on set at CTV’s in-house studio, directing the photographer and anchors on aspects such as positioning, expressions and line of vision that best fit the framing of the composition and graphical elements that adheres with the company’s corporate branding styleguide.


The photoshoot was divided up into 2 sessions: Tamara and Mike were photographed first, and the extras were photographed second; thereby freeing up the news anchors so they could continue with their other responsibilities. The extras were composited in post production. They were strategically positioned to avoid interrupting the focus of Tamara and Mike, while being able to create a sense of urgency in the busy newsroom. How high and at what angle should “that girl” hold the folder? At what angle should “the guy in the back” extra hold his cell phone? These details were also taken into consideration in order to achieve the perfect framing and composition that best balance the visual.


I also edited the photos of Tamara and Mike, airbrushing facial details to enhance their appearance, digitally “ironing” wrinkles off suits and jackets, reshaping and fixing hair, removing unwanted strands of hair off their faces, color corrected their faces by warming them up without turning their hair orange. I also adjusted the contrast and tone of the anchors so that they stand out from the busy background.

Overall, an extremely wonderful experience working with a wonderful team of photographers, videographers, writers, top anchors and talents.