I am the content creator, artist and manager of Summer and Muu Comics on Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook page started in March of 2017. Creating humorous original content, combined with clever description to encourage user engagement plus optimizing ads, promotions and post boosts targeting the right audience, I was able to grow the page from 3 fans to the current 54K+ fans and followers, all within one year.

My original content (below) generated an amazing organic reach of 6,274,171 people, successfully bringing in 71,449 shares, 6.5K reactions and 4.2K comments.

My page has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating, 153 reviews all within just one year. The comments and engagement has been extremely positive.


Product photography using an iphone

Art work and illustrations using Adobe Photoshop
Target Audience: Parents and new moms
Ages: 25 – 40